Looking for a laptop? Ready to buy one for work or personal use?

You might be aware, there are tons of brands and specifications when it comes to a laptop and like any other item. Shopping for laptops doesn’t look that easy as it seems in theory. There are dozens of factors you need to foresee before handpicking a laptop.

For some of us, shopping can be a bit of fun but finding the right item that one needs can be quite difficult. Having so many options, from which to make a choice seems a tough decision.

We make choices every day, that’s part of our like but major the issue is knowing whether we are making the right choice and what to go with among different options.

In the case of buying a laptop, it is even more serious because realistically you won’t replace your laptop with a new one in short run.

It needs to be given more thought because it’s an electronic item.

Apart from that, there are so many brands, various price ranges and updated specifications that finding a suitable one can be quite tasking.

The point of this list is to help you make informed choices and know the factors to consider before making your choice.

HP Laptop on Zawadi

5 Major Considerations When Buying A Laptop

1. Budget

You need to know your budget you are willing to spend on your new laptop. That is the initial step. Different people have different purchasing power with different usage objectives, for instance; a student who is looking for a laptop will probably be looking to use less amount of money than someone who is earning a salary and looking for a laptop that they can carry around for work. Either way both of them can find a decent laptop but they have to set a budget that they can work with.

2. Processing Power (CPU)

A CPU is the backbone of a laptop and it defines your machines’ processing speed. Consider the kind of work you will be handling your laptop. If you are looking to have a gaming laptop or edit videos with your laptop then you will need a powerful processor, in this case, consider Core i5 – i7. If you are looking for super-fast processing speed, then go for the latest laptop with a heavy processor and a high graphic card. Laptops like Hp Spectre 13 Slim Laptop ..Intel® Core™ I7 are highly automated for gaming performance. They are built with high compatibility to pertain latest games.


3. RAM

Even when you are on a tight budget, you need a laptop with at least a 4 GB RAM and above. Random Access Memory helps speed up the process of the application on your laptop. It allows more than one application to run at the same time. The heavier the task, the larger the RAM. Tasks like graphics designing and video editing require more than 4 GB RAM.

4. Hard Disk Drive

This is basically the storage system for your laptop where all your documents, image videos, other system files are kept. How much storage space you need is up to the kind of work you are involved in. A Solid-State Drive (SSD) is the best as it offers more speed than a hard drive. It is also lighter and runs silently compared to a hard drive.

5. Screen and Keyboard Build Quality

Whatever kind of tasks you are handling with your laptop, you need a quality screen and keyboard.
When typing, you don’t want a keyword with keys that keep sticking in, you want a comfortable keyboard with full-sized keys that respond fast. Also, consider a keyboard with some backlight which is easy to use in dimly lit environments.

As for the screen, the size matters. The minimum size you can get is 14.1 inches, if you are considering watching a lot of movies and playing games on your laptop, go for a bigger screen like 17 inches. For normal office tasks, 15.6 inches would be ok. To easily navigate on your laptop, you can opt for a touch screen, also consider anti-glare features.

Before buying a laptop, do a little homework, search online for laptop reviews. Talk to different people who own the kind of laptop you are targeting and find out how they would rate it.