Whether you are looking for perfumes or cosmetics or looking for a new phone accessory, there are creditable numbers of customers who have responded fairly positively to leading online shopping sites in Kenya. However, there are still some potential customers who have their doubts and for a substantial reason.

Shopping online has its many benefits; such as convenience and avoiding crowds, but before you let yourself and your family indulge in it, have you considered all the safety options? There are many things that you need to consider when shopping online in Kenya, like keeping your credit card secure. You also need to ensure that your card is registered for additional security measures, for example, Verification by Visa, MasterCard secure, and more?

Here’s a complete 10 steps guide, compiled for you to enjoy safe online shopping in Kenya.

Top-notch Anti-Malware Program Installation
Installation of the top-notch anti-malware program is critical when you are shopping on the web. In addition to installing reliable anti-malware, you also need to affirm that this program is updated consistently, including its virus signatures. Especially when a public computer is in use during online shopping in Kenya for phones and electronics, it is essential to confirm that the firewall is up. It is vital to secure your wireless network with a password to prevent strangers from gleaning any private data.

Purchase from Genuine Online Shopping Sites in Kenya
Many fraudulent E-commerce sites can give you a chase for your money. It is crucial that you only shop from well-reputed sites. Ensuring that a website is genuine and there is no fraudulent activity related to it should be your top priority even when you are visiting the top online shopping sites in Kenya.

Friends and family members can also lead you to trustworthy websites where you can buy everything from gaming consoles to luxury items like watches, perfumes, handbags, and many more.

You go through customer reviews/complaints if any related information is unavailable. If you can’t find anything, it’s best to avoid it.

Elude Clicking on Links in Spam Emails
You don’t need to miss out on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and other events when you can buy gifts for your loved ones if you can’t go out shopping. You can shop for watches, wallets, perfumes & grooming accessories this Father’s Day when you visit online shopping sites for men in Kenya. However, beware of any links in the spam email. Avoiding going to a link in an email from an unknown site.

Short, Unique and Strong Password
Your password is the key to your data when you register for anything online. It is no different for leading online shopping sites in Kenya. To place an order for anything from make-up products and accessories to men’s watches and perfumes, you need to create an account with the website. Therefore, creating a short, unique, but strong password is critical for you.

Avoid Real Cheap Offers
If you come across sites that offer you discounts and offers that are too good to be true, stay away from them. There are cheap online shopping sites in Kenya that would try to fool you and sell you low-quality items by showing you the real products with extremely low prices. For instance, if a site offers you Prada Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Garnet Red Leather Large Tote Bag in just KSH 7,990, there is something suspicious about it. So, beware of such fraudulent sites.

Beware of Too Much Information
When you are opening an account on a website for shopping online, beware of those who ask for too much information. A genuine & a trustworthy website would never ask you more than your basic details like telephone number, method of payment, shipping address, and email address.

Your bank account details, spouse or family information, and driver’s license numbers, all should remain confidential and should not be shared.

Read Shipping, Warranty and Return Policy of the E-commerce Store
Online shopping in Kenya statistics shows that many people feel that they have been charged a lot extra for the shipping fees as compared to the value of the product/s purchased. Confirm the shipping fee that is being charged is realistic for the product you are buying. A sensible return and exchange policy have a flexible time-limit of seven working days. Be sure that the warranty policy is practical and pertinent.

Use a Reliable Payment Mode
Various methods are used by E-commerce sites for payment of products bought. Cash on delivery is the most reliable payment mode for online shopping in Kenya. Another method is paying online through credit or debit cards. However, online thefts are also quite common, so be very vigilant and keep your data secured—especially when using a public computer or Wi-Fi connection.

Keep a Record of Online Purchases
It is equally important to keep a record of your online purchases the way you save your receipts. Every e-commerce website sends you a confirmation email with the order number. Take a screenshot or print it out and keep it with you till your order is delivered. If the order is not delivered within 10 days without any communication in advance, then you must follow it, and these precautions will help you.

Shopping Apps in Kenya by Reliable Developers
Online shopping in Kenya for tablets, phones, and other gadgets has become quite easy through online shopping apps, and you get various discount offers and combo offers as well. You will find many big brands and retailers who have their E-commerce apps where you can shop conveniently. Before you download any app on your gadget, it is critical to ensure that it is protected with the top mobile anti-malware for viruses and spyware, and it is a legitimate app from a reliable developer.