HISENSE 85A7500 price in Kenya

KShs240,000KShs270,000 (-11%)

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  • A Truly Comperehensive 4K Soution
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Real-Time Content-Specific Optimization
  • Variable Feer Position

KShs240,000KShs270,000 (-11%)


Simply brilliant

The 85A7500 is a 4K UHD TV.With it you get four times more pixels (8.3 million) than standard high-definition TV’s. The Hisense 85 inch 85A7500,with Vidaa U4.0, 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is built to deliver bright colors and rich contrast. Boasting tons of built-in apps via the Hisense Smart Platform (VIDAA OS 4), it is easier than ever to personalize your entertainment experience.

4K Resolution

85A7500 delivers more than four times the resolution of a regular 1080p high-definition screen. Along with over 8.3 million pixels, inside you’ll find a powerful full array LED backlight at work creating a sharper, more colorful picture.Enjoy your favourite 4k content on this big display

Innovation Runs Deep

The 85A7500 is a dolby vision TV.Dolby Vision™ High Dynamic Range + HDR10 adds dramatic color, contrast and brightness to each scene. It transforms your TV into an entertainment powerhouse. The image technology from cinemas, now brought together in the home, provide amazing realism that you’ll see, hear, and feel like never before.

Bring Entertainment to Life

Delivering life-like sound above, beside, and behind you for an immersive home theater experience. DTS Virtual:X bridges the gap between the DTS:X codec and the reality of so many consumers’ homes, allowing you to enjoy multi-dimensional sound regardless of room size, layout, or speaker configuration.

Detail in Motion

Don’t struggle to keep your eye on the ball—enjoy fast-paced sports, movies and 4K gaming without the lag ON THIS 85 inch hisense smart tv,the 85A7500. Featuring Motion Rate image processing technology, the A7500 series keeps the thrills coming by making it easy to follow fast-moving action.

Faster Gaming

Enjoy a better gaming experience on the 85 inch Hisense 85A7500. In Game Mode, input lag is significantly improved, so your commands from the controller are virtually instantaneous on the screen

Vidaa OS

Open a world of content through Hisense’s Vidaa OS smart platform. With hundreds of apps at your disposal, getting to your favorite TV show, movie, or game is simple and intuitive.With a simplified user interface design, never has a smart TV been easier to use. Effortlessly add all your favorite apps and sources directly to your home page. Enjoy the cinematic user experience that Vidaa U will bring to you.

Anyview Cast

Bigger enjoyment, handy control on this 85 inch Hisense smart TV(85A7500). Anyview Cast allows you to easily share the screen of your mobile phone to your large TV screen. Controlling a small smart phone is convenient, but seeing gaming graphics on a large screen is more amazing.Entertainment is better with the 85A7500

85A7500 Secifications


· Wide color Gamut

· Dolby Vision HDR

· SMR 120with MEMC/60HZ RF


· 2.4GZ and 5GHZ Dual band wifi

· 4 ports HDMI 2.0(4K@60hz)

· 2 USB ports

· Optical/Digital port

· Bluetooth 5.0


· Anyview cast

SMART Features


· VIDAA art mode

· Parental control mode

· Remote now app


· Dolby Atmos

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HISENSE 85A7500 price in Kenya

KShs240,000KShs270,000 (-11%)