Huawei Earphone with Mic, Volume Control, Metal Headset – AM116


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  • Wired In-Ear Headset
  • Ear Canal Shape Analysis
  • Rich Snappy Bass
  • Remote Wire Control and Microphone




Listen to your favorite music on the go with the Huawei Stereo Headset. Thanks to crisp, clear audio and epic bass levels, the Huawei headset enhances the sound quality to a great extent. It also hosts an advanced microphone to enable the user to take calls directly on the headset itself, thus providing utmost convenience to the user. The three-button control feature also allows the user to answer or end calls then and there. In addition to this, it can also be used to adjust music volumes or change the song in an instant. The high-quality build of the Huawei headset also paves the way for prolonged use. Furthermore, the Huawei headset also sports a white metallic finish and a diamond-cut sheen for a stylish look.

Ultimate Audio Quality

The Huawei headset delivers a powerful sound performance. It offers over-the-top sound clarity with optimal bass response. Furthermore, it also exhibits excellent frequency response to provide a perfect sound balance.

Dual Power

The earbuds of the Huawei headset are made of premium quality materials with an objective to provide utmost comfort to the user. The excellent shape of the earbuds provides a perfect and ensures comfortable wear. Whether you are traveling or working out, the Huawei headset enables you to listen to your favorite music without any disruptions.

Another Aspect Covered

The Huawei headset boasts of a high-end microphone, which enables the user to talk on a call directly from the headset itself, without having to unplug it from their smartphone. With a well-engineered three-button in-line control function, it becomes easy to respond to calls or control the music player.

Smart Design

Thanks to the rear air vents integrated into the Huawei headset, the mid-range performance is up to the mark. In addition to it, the air intake vent also aims to provide an outstanding bass output. These two factors enhance the fidelity factor and ensure that the user experiences the source sound in its best form.

For Non-Stop Music

The Huawei headset is made of a premium quality materials for long-term durability. An anti-oxidation coating on the headset protects it from natural elements, thus ensuring that the standards of audio quality delivered by the headset remain high.

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Huawei Earphone with Mic, Volume Control, Metal Headset – AM116


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