HUAWEI Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale – AH100


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  • 9 body composition indicators
  • Comprehensive health report
  • Tempered glass surface
  • Up to 10 users auto-recognition
  • Offline weight and body fat display



Measures 9 Body Compositions 

The Huawei AH100 is a Smart Scale, that analyses, records and provides data for thorough body composition. Unlike standard bathroom scales, the Huawei Smart Scale analyses your body’s composition including body fat, body water, protein, through advanced technology, accurate measurement. The scale adopts high precision BIA chip, 4 pressure sensors, and 360 degrees adjustable scale feet to achieve accurate and convenient measurement.

Connects to Smartphone

The Huawei Smart Scale connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth  4.1 to store all the date each time you weight yourself. The Huawei Body Fat Scale App provides a comprehensive health report and customized health suggestions straight on to your smartphone. The app records all the data supplied by the scales and displays the information in various charts.  It supports auto-recognition of up to 10 users and easy sharing mainstream social media.  The Huawei Smart Scale is compatible with mainstream Android and iOS devices

Simple & Slim Design

The Smart Scale has a modern design made of the tempered glass panel, CNC grinding, and polishing. The clear LED display gives you an option to see your weight in kilograms or pounds. This simple yet eye-catching design makes Huawei AH100 a great addition to any home and a great fitness gadget.

Smart Alarm Clock

The Smart Alarm Clock reminds you to measure regularly for more accurate measurement.


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HUAWEI Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale – AH100


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